ryanxd69 said: sick blog dude, need more real skate blogs like this not that poser shit

Thank you!

Anonymous said: Whats your tattoo of?

Which one?

Anonymous said: How tall are you


  -  21 July

affinityskate said: such a sick blog

Appreciate it ! Means a lot.
Dope blog as well. Followed.

galaxys-princess said: if you don't mind my asking, how much did your tattoos cost? they're super rad and I really like them!

I’m not gonna lie to you. They’re out of the basement tattoos. I wish I didn’t for my one tattoo. But I paid 150 for all three on my arm and 200 for my chest. They are really good artists who have dreams of making their work a living, but every artist has there flaws.

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